Cleaning Your Gutters Avoids Water Damage

We know, cleaning your gutters isn’t an fun. But can we tell you what’s way less fun? Dealing with the aftermath of water damage after the first big rainstorm this springtime if you do not clean your gutters. It will not look like a sufficiently big deal to go through the struggle of rising upon a ladder to get that entire gunk out of there, but we promise, it’s worth it.

Dangers of Dirty Gutters

Fun fact time: Say there is a rainstorm that brings an inch of rainfall. Say your home is about 2,000 square feet. That is 1,200 gallons of water pounding on your roof with nowhere to go in your gutters. Imagine exactly where that water is likely to stop up? It’ll overflow from your dirty gutters, supply down your wall space, and potentially get a hold of its means into your basis or in your basement, leading to really serious water damage.

Gutters are designed for the express purpose of whisking all that water away from your house to avoid that water damage from actually happening. Clean gutters are the actual only real way to keep that function powerful. Other than locating cracks in your foundation or walls or collecting in screen wells, rainwater can also cause water damage when it accumulates at your clogged either leakages and gutters using your roofing or causes rotting in your home’s fascia boards, soffits, or eaves. Clogged gutters high in soaked leaves and pooled water are also prime breeding ground for mosquitoes.

Clean Gutters for Spring-cleaning

It may be gross, but water damage will be a lot worse. Clean your gutters occasionally to prevent debris buildup that may cause them to overflow. If you truly can’t remain the process of cleansing gutters, we recommend springing for gutter covers, which will stop leaves and such from entering the gutters to start with. Remember that as trees sprout their particular leaves, they’ll be dropping seeds, blooms, or other plant matter that can accumulate, so you might need to jump up here a couple times this season. We guarantee it’ll be worth it.

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